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Course Withdrawal

Graduate students are expected to follow University policy and procedures for withdrawal, both from individual classes and from the University. Nonattendance and/or nonpayment of tuition do not constitute withdrawal or absolve a student of academic or financial responsibility.

a. Withdrawal from Individual Classes

A tuition credit adjustment of 100 percent minus the non-refundable registration fee will be made for students who decrease their academic load prior to the eighth business day of the semester. These dates are published each semester online by the Office of Records and Registration. No credit adjustments will be made after the published dates. NOTE: Students with financial holds should contact the Office of Records and Registration to process withdrawals.

i. First Eight Days. Any change in the student's course registration occurring during this period may be processed through the registration system. Courses are recorded as drops and do not appear on the student's academic transcript. No grades will be posted. Students receive a 100 percent tuition credit adjustment, less a drop transaction fee.
ii. Ninth Day Through the Tenth Week. All student-initiated withdrawals are processed through their my.emich account and are accepted automatically and recorded on the student transcript with a "W" grade. Withdrawals initiated during this period will not result in tuition adjustment or reimbursement.
iii. After the Tenth Week, Until the Beginning of the Final Exam Period. Students must initiate a late withdrawal request at the Office of Records and Registration. A late withdrawal will be granted only if the student provides documentation of extenuating circumstances resulting in an inability to complete the course (e.g., illness, family concerns, employment conflicts). These extenuating circumstances must not have been present prior to the deadline for withdrawal. Poor academic performance is not a valid reason for withdrawal and such requests will be denied.
Students considering withdrawal should consult with their instructor(s), although instructor approval is not required. Students should not stop attending class after submitting a late withdrawal request before receiving official notification that their withdrawal has been approved. If a student stops attending class without officially withdrawing and does not take the final examination, University policy requires that the instructor assign a grade of F for the course. Students who believe they have received an unearned F grade and who wish to appeal must do so during the following semester through the University Grade Grievance process.

International students holding F-1 or J-1 visas must seek additional approval from the Office of International Students. Students who are on financial aid or who hold scholarships, fellowships or graduate assistantships should consult the Graduate School before withdrawing from courses in order to fully understand the potential financial impact.
Policies governing the refund of tuition and fees are to be found in the Tuition and Fees section of the graduate catalog. The Student Guide, published each semester by the Office of Records and Registration, should be consulted for the calendar regulating withdrawals.

b. Withdrawal from All Classes

Students may withdraw from all classes before the first day of exams and receive a grade of W for all courses. This transaction is handled by the Office of Records and Registration. Such withdrawal may necessitate the updating of a student's admission status, and students in their first semester must notify their academic department and the Office of Admissions before re-enrolling.

i. First Eight Days: Students receive a 100 percent tuition credit adjustment, less a drop transaction fee.
ii. Ninth through the 19th Day: Students receive a 50 percent tuition credit adjustment, less a non-refundable registration fee. Grades of W will be posted.
iii. Twentieth through the 38th Day: Students receive a 25 percent tuition credit adjustment, less a non-refundable registration fee. Grades of W will be posted.
iv. Thirty-ninth Day through the Day Before Final Examinations: Students receive no tuition credit adjustment. Grades of W will be posted.
v. After the First Day of the Final Examination Period: No withdrawal will take place.

The Graduate student must submit to The Graduate School a Late Withdrawal Form (see link below) including the necessary documentation (medical information, etc.) to support reason for inability to complete the semester's course work. A student may not withdraw due to low grades. Graduate Assistants and Doc Fellows who withdraw must repay tuition (seek an incomplete). Satisfactory Academic Progress is affected for financial aid. F-1 and J-1 visa holders must seek prior approval for the withdrawal from the Office of International Students. A total withdrawal for the semester is processed through Records and Registration.

Late Withdrawal Form