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Probation and Dismissal

Students are placed on academic probation at the end of any semester in which their cumulative EMU grade point average in courses taken for graduate credit is below 3.0. Students are notified via my.emich email each semester of their status, and enrollment is permitted only on a semester-by-semester basis until the probation is removed. Students placed on academic probation are encouraged to contact their program adviser for assistance in determining how to return to good academic standing.
Probationary students who do not return to good standing by the end of the next three semesters of enrollment are dismissed from the University and are so notified via my.emich email.
Individual departments may specify additional grounds for dismissal. Students who are dismissed from an individual program while in good academic standing may still be eligible for another graduate program at EMU.

Additional information about graduate probation and dismissal process, as well as about the appeal process, can be found here