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Join Our Community of Scholars

As a graduate student at Eastern Michigan University, you'll become part of an exciting community of world-renowned scholars and intellectually vibrant students who are driven to learn, challenge and redefine the boundaries of their academic and professional fields. Nearly 5,000 graduate students are actively collaborating, creating and innovating both inside the classroom and in the real world.

Whether you're a full-time student looking to become immersed in a master's or doctoral program, or a professional working toward an advanced degree or certification, Eastern offers more than 180 graduate programs covering an array of disciplines.

Eastern faculty and staff are fully invested in their students' success. Our supportive academic environment places a priority on mentorship. You'll find that our faculty promote opportunity and encourage students to take on new challenges. Our open and welcoming campus environment fosters strong intellectual relationships that will last long after you begin your professional career.

In addition, consider these advantages that set us apart from our competition:

  • A flexible Ph.D. program that offers full-time and part-time enrollment; evening classes for students with day jobs and educational leadership classes on Sundays.
  • A 90% completion rate for our doctoral graduates—significantly higher than the 30% national completion rate for doctoral students.
  • A tuition budget of more than $4 million for graduate assistant positions, enabling students to work and earn income as they pursue their degrees.