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About Us

Students of History, Social Science, or Social Studies are prepared to pursue doctoral or professional degrees in higher education. Many of our students pursue degrees that will lead to certification to teach in secondary schools. Law school is a traditional path taken by a sizable number of history graduates. Students pursuing careers within the historical profession generally must earn a graduate degree in the field. Our students are well-prepared for doctoral programs in history, programs in archival work, public history, and historic preservation.

Students of Philosophy receive a firm grounding in the history of Western and Eastern Philosophy.  Graduates of the philosophy program master the reading, critical thinking, and analytical skills essential to success in any profession. Their abilities to think and write clearly are qualities much sought after by employers. Some of our students pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy and become philosophy professors themselves. Our students also have the skills to pursue graduate education in professional fields such as law. Philosophy is one of the top two or three academic disciplines whose students score highest on the Law School Admissions Test. Because the skills developed in the study of philosophy are applicable to any profession, students who want to specialize in another field often choose a minor in philosophy to complement their major.

Students in the programs offered by this department prepare for success in a variety of positions in education or with local, state, national and international governmental and private agencies. Our students also develop a sound foundation for graduate study in the humanities, or in such applied fields as law, religion, and business. Additional educational opportunities are offered regularly through the Honors College, cross-listed courses with the women’s and gender studies program, overseas travel-study programs and other off-campus enrichment experiences.

The History & Philosophy Department is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 701 Pray Harrold, 734.487.1018