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Acta Cogitata

Acta Cogitata is Eastern Michigan University's undergraduate journal of philosophy.  Several papers from the conference are published in this journal each year.  The journal also accepts regular submissions.

The journal's home page is here: Acta Cogitata

Interested in submitting a paper?  Follow this link: Acta Cogitata submission details.

Journal editor: W. John Koolage


2016 Conference Notes

This year's conference delivered the philosophy! Sessions were lively and the discussion was impressive.

Thanks to the philosophy club, the conference added an informal meet and greet, complete with guided discussions, to the evening before the conference. This was a terrific venue for attendees to get to know each other and share their love for all matters philosophic.

The conference truly achieved global status, with two students traveling all the way from Egypt to share their work.

Dr. Michelle Maiese, our keynote speaker, provided us with an opportunity to think about moral responsibility and multiple personality disorder. A lively discussion followed the talk.

This year's session chairs conferred to offer outstanding interlocutor awards, naming the following conference attendees the first to earn this honor: Read Mills, Yossra Mohammed Hamouda, Mohammed Elshafie, Margaret Macknick-Champion, and Ryan Dau. A number of speakers' papers will also appear in this year's edition of Acta Cogitata.

Another great year! Thanks to organizers, speakers, and volunteers for all your hard work. This conference lives on the enthusiasm and energy of students.


2015 Conference Notes

It is safe to say that the mechanics of the conference improve each year, and the addition of EMU graduate students as session chairs and assistant organizers has pushed the conference to the next level.  Special thanks to the EMU graduate students, in particular Todd Kearns and Mike Wolfe, for their hard work and help this year.

Dr. Gina Schouten delivered a lunchtime keynote address, which featured thoughts on Neutrality.  Her work in Social Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Education were a draw for our students.  Thanks to her and Dr. Jeff Behrends for making the trek from Illinois and being available for attendees throughout the conference.

As always, the conference was a splendid success thanks to the hard work of speakers and commenters alike.  There is no way to leave this conference without a feeling of awe at the powerful philosophy being done by the newest to our discipline.  Congratulations and thank you to every speaker!

Again, the conference drew speakers and attendees from the United States and Canada, including Millsaps College, Weber State University, University of St. Thomas, Illinois State University, Central Washington University, Kansas State University, Johns Hopkins University, College of Wooster, Carleton College, Taylor University, Hope College, Grand Valley State University, Connecticut College, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Washtenaw Community College, St. Mary College of Maryland, University of Scranton, and University of Toronto.

McKenny Union continues to be a terrific venue, and we will be there again next year.


2014 Conference Notes

2014 was another great year for EMU's Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy.  We changed venues, moving to McKenny Union.  This offered some unique advantages, including some very beautiful rooms.  Thanks to Provost Schatzel, who made an appearance, and to all the members of EMU's philosophy section.

Dr. Eric Stencil gave a great keynote address, talking about Descartes' arguments regarding the existence of God.  Thought provoking, to say the least.

A big thank you goes out to all our speakers and commenters, many who came from the distance reaches of the United States to share their ideas with us.  Grand Valley State sent a big contingent again this year, and it was good to have them back in the mix of speakers and commenters.

Four papers from the conference were published in this year's issue of our journal.  Congratulations and many thanks to the extra work these authors' put into their final pieces.  These can be be found here: Acta Cogitata.

We hope to see many of our speakers return to give papers in upcoming years.


2013 Conference Notes

The 2013 conference was a great success.  Thank you so much to all our speakers, many of whom traveled great distances to join us, our commenters, our organizers, and to the faculty of the philosophy section!

When all was said and done, 21 papers were presented.  The papers spanned almost every branch of philosophy and covering lots of interesting ground and offered those in attendance a lot of philosophy to consider.

Four papers from the conference were published in our journal, which can be found here: Acta Cogitata.

The following schools shared their students with us: Aquinas College, Calvin College, Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, Montana State University - Bozeman, Portland State University, University of Michigan, University of Missouri - Columbia, University of South Florida, Youngstown State University, Hamilton College, Southern Illinois State, and Bowling Green State University.  Thank you!

2013's Keynote Speaker was Dr. Deborah Mower of Youngstown State University.  She is happy to continue conversations with students interested in her work.  She can be contacted at dsmower@ysu.edu.

Best Presentation & Paper Award

Jordan Ueberroth (MSU), "Possible Parthood and Modal-Mereological Composition"

Runners Up

Darrell E. White II (BGSU), "Obesity as Choice-Independent Harm"

Erga Lemish (ISU), "The Ethical Character from Plato to James: Strict and Stable to Flexible"

Spirit of the Conference Award

Jonathon VandenHombergh (Aquinas College)

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