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Acta Cogitata

Eastern Michigan University now hosts Acta Cogitata, an undergraduate journal in philosophy!

The journal's homepage is here.

The journal will be published once a year, in October.  It features peer reviewed articles, authored by philosophers working on their undergraduate degree in philosophy (see below).  The journal also publishes several of the best papers from Eastern Michigan University's Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy.

The journal accepts submissions year round (see below for submission requirements) at ActaCogitata@gmail.com.

Submission Requirements

  1. All submissions must be set for blind review; remove all identifying marks from all but the title page.
  2. All submissions should be in a standard 11 or 12 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins.
  3. All submissions must include a 200 - 400 word abstract.
  4. All submissions should be page numbered, excluding the title page and works cited page.
  5. All submissions should use an accepted style for citations.
  6. No submission should be longer than 4000 words.
  7. A standard footnote (not endnote) style should be used throughout the paper.
  8. Title pages should include the author's name, college or university, and year in school.
  9. All title pages should include the following statement (and it should be true), "I (the author of this paper) represent that this is my own novel work, I am working on (or have recently completed) an undergraduate degree (with a major or minor in philosophy) and am not enrolled in, nor have I ever been enrolled in, a graduate program in philosophy."

Questions regarding Acta Cogitata and/or the Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy can be sent to the journal's email address (ActaCogitata@gmail.com) or to Professor W. John Koolage at wkoolage@emich.edu.


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