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Philosophy Graduate Program

Eastern Michigan University's Philosophy Faculty is pleased to announce its Masters of Arts in Philosophy program!

Our faculty is unique in its pluralistic composition. Since the primary tool that philosophy can, does, and should export to other disciplines is the study of methodology, our pluralistic composition allows us to train students in a wider range of methodological practices, presuppositions, skills, styles, and theories.  A second strength of the philosophy faculty at Eastern is our attention to problems in Social Justice. We have several faculty whose central research programs focus on tough ethical problems including the justice of immigration policies, our responsibility relative to food production and consumption, global and environmental ethics and justice, and the nature of historically marginalized groups' rights in an increasingly global and modern environment.

In response to these strengths, our MA programs allows students to focus their work on one of two divisions, Methodology or Social Justice.  This allows our students to tailor their graduate experience to their interests and, at the same time, capitalize on a niche product.

Our program has rolling admissions, meaning there are no application deadlines.  Contact us about applying at any time.

Our Graduate Coordinator (Laura McMahon) is available to answer questions about our program. 

If you are submitting an application, it is preferred that you send our Graduate Coordinator an email letting him/her know.  This way, we can be sure to keep track of your application as it makes its way through the admissions process.

Catalog: Master of Arts in Philosophy, Application Information

Active Graduate Students

Student Name Division Capstone Advisor
Kevin Mager Methods McMahon
Mike Wolfe Methods Koolage
Andrew Stumpff Methods Bruya
Adam Winbigler Social Justice  
Jeff Davis Methods Doan
Bob Roggenbuck Methods  
Gabi Bussell Social Justice  
Thom Elliott Methods  
Danielle Clevenger Methods  
Francisco Velazquez Methods  
Alix Davis Methods  
Evan Anschuetz Social Justice  
Ryan Lemasters    
Shane Rife


Brandon Baskin    
Carl Wauer    

Graduate Funding Opportunities

 As of recently, Philosophy has funding opportunities for Graduate Assitantships (GAships) that involve either teaching or research.  

  Applications received by May 15, 2017 will be eligible for consideration for a Graduate Assistantship. 

Since we cannot offer all students a GAship, we strongly encourage students who need funding to seek it from other sources.  There are a number of University and Graduate School opportunities open to all graduate students.  We strongly encourage all applicants and current students to review and pursue (at least) the following:

Graduate School Scholarships

University Wide Graduate Assistantships (Search for Open GAships)

Financial Aid

New Applicants Applying for a GAship

If you are a new applicant and wish to be considered for a GAship beginning in Fall 2017, please, in addition to completing your application to our program through EMU’s Graduate School, send the following two documents directly to the Graduate Coordinator (Laura McMahon, lmcmahon@emich.edu) by May 15, 2017 :

  1. A Writing Sample (10-20 pages)

    This document should demonstrate your capacities as a writer, a researcher, and a thinker.  Normally, the writing sample would be a paper you wrote for an advanced undergraduate course in Philosophy, but it need not be: it could be a paper from an advanced university course in another discipline, or it could be a non-academic piece of writing that you believe conveys your capacities as a writer.
  1. A Letter of Application for Funding (maximum 250 words)

    In this Letter of Application, please discuss your preparedness to assume the position of a Research Assistant, along with any other considerations that you think might be relevant for our decision (including financial need).       

Application Requirements

Requirements Specific to The MA in Philosophy:

  1. Comply with all of the Graduate School’s admissions requirements

    Begin your application process here: EMU's Graduate School
  1. Personal Statement of Philosophic Interests

    Applicants should provide a statement (maximum 1000 words) detailing their: (a) interests in philosophy, including the area(s) of philosophy they believe will be the focus of their graduate work, potential thesis or project idea, (b) desire to pursue philosophy at the graduate level, and (c) self assessment of their level of preparation for graduate work in philosophy.

    The Graduate School also asks for a personal statement as part of the general admissions packet.  Please simply upload your Personal Statement of Philosophic Interests required for the MA in Philosophy a second time when prompted in the online application to upload a Personal Statement.
  1. Two letters of recommendation, including at least one from a college professor, which speak to the applicant’s ability to pursue graduate level work.

    In most cases, the application software will querry your listed recommenders for their letters. That said, letter writers may submit letters by electronic or regular mail to the Graduate School. Electronic submissions should be sent to this email address: graduate_admissions@emich.edu. Your letter writer should include either your EID# or your date of birth, so that admissions can properly associate your letters with your application.
  1. A minimum of six credit hours (or the equivalent) in philosophy from an accredited institution.

No GRE scores are required for admission to this program.

Once you have completed an application, please email our Graduate Coordinator (Laura McMahon, lmcmaho1@emich.edu), so that she can track your application through EMU's various subsystems.

Additional Application Notes:

Our program has rolling admissions, which means there are no application deadlines .  Contact us about applying at any time.

The MA in Philosophy will consider conditional applications from students who do not meet all of the requirements. Those admitted conditionally will be required to overcome specified deficiencies existing at the time of admission. The admissions committee will consider applications as they arrive (i.e. Philosophy will have a rolling admissions policy).

Some Notes Regarding the Graduate School's Admission Requirements:

1. The Graduate School has a minimum GPA requirement as follows: (a) 2.7 GPA overall OR (b) 3.0 GPA in the last half of undergraduate course work

2. The Graduate School requires a personal statement for the purpose of admission. The Philosophy M.A. Program's application requirement for a Personal Statement of Philosophic Interests is in addition to this requirement.   Please upload the same document—as detailed in #2 of the Requirements Specific to the MA in Philosophy above—in each case.

3. The Graduate School has several additional requirements for International students. Please be sure to meet all general application requirements.


Masters Courses

Social Justice Division

PHIL 520 – Ethical Theory

PHIL 524 – Food Justice

PHIL 525 – Theories of Justice

WGST 526 – Topics in Feminist Philosophy*

PHIL 528 – Comparative Ethics

PHIL 529 – Topics in Environmental Philosophy


Methods Division

WGST 526 – Topics in Feminist Philosophy*

PHIL 575 – Contemporary Philosophical Practices

PHIL 580 – Philosophy of Science

PHIL 581 – Philosophy of the Life Sciences

PHIL 593 – Comparative Philosophy

PHIL 594 – Chinese Philosophy


Other Courses

PHIL 542 - Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 570 -  20th Century Continental Philosophy


Upcoming Courses


Fall 2017

Course Descriptions (Click Here)

Former Graduate Students

Student Name Year of Graduation Placement
Jeff Davis 2017 Michigan State Univ. PhD program



The History & Philosophy Department is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 701 Pray Harrold, 734.487.1018