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Welcome to Eastern Michigan University's Philosophy Section!

The Philosophy Section hosts an annual speaker series, an annual undergraduate conference, and an undergraduate journal.  Please click the links above to get more information regarding these opportunities to learn more!

Students of Philosophy receive a firm grounding in the history of Western and Eastern Philosophy.  Graduates of the philosophy program master the reading, critical thinking, and analytical skills essential to success in any profession. Their abilities to think and write clearly are qualities much sought after by employers. Some of our students pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy and become philosophy professors themselves. Our students also have the skills to pursue graduate education in professional fields such as law. Philosophy is one of the top two or three academic disciplines whose students score highest on the Law School Admissions Test. Because the skills developed in the study of philosophy are applicable to any profession, students who want to specialize in another field often choose a minor in philosophy to complement their major.

The Philosophy Section at Eastern is characterized by methodological pluralism. Our faculty members apply an uncommonly wide assortment of philosophical methods—e.g., analytic, continental, Chinese—to fundamental questions of human concern. A major commitment of the Philosophy faculty at Eastern is attention to problems of social justice in an increasingly globalized world. The critical examination of injustice and inequality related to gender, race, class, sexuality, immigration, food production and consumption, and climate change and the global environment are among the research and teaching specializations of the Philosophy faculty at Eastern. 

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Undergraduate Section Chair

Jill Dieterle

Undergraduate Advisor

Michael Scoville

Graduate Coordinator and Advisor

Laura McMahon

The History & Philosophy Department is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 701 Pray Harrold, 734.487.1018