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Philosophy Opportunities

Philosophy Speaker Series (Academic Year 2016-2017)

The Philosophy Section's speaker series highlights local philosophers and their work.  LBC credit is available for students who attend these talks!

"Epistemologies of Abolition"
Professor Liat Ben-Moshe, University of Toledo

There are various critiques laid out against prison abolition, and strands of deinstitutionalization and disability activism. They can be summarized in several main prongs: that this form of activism is abstract and does not focus on prescriptive or policy recommendations; it only critiques things but does not suggest specific solutions; it represents a utopian vision of the world; and that it is unrealistic to espouse this worldview in the world we currently occupy. In this presentation I will demonstrate how all these critiques of abolitionary movements who work towards a non-carceral society can be conceptualized as strengths. I will also show how abolition provides a unique epistemology that rejects certainty, optimism and certain notions of futurity and temporality.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

5:30 - 7:00pm, Halle Library 300 (see Campus Map)

More talks will be announced soon!

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The EMU Philosophy Club is a university-recognized social organization dedicated to the discussion of philosophy. Students from all fields and disciplines are welcomed. For more information, check them out on Facebook.

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