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University HonorsAmit

Students in their first and second year of study pursue a course of study leading to University Honors distinction. To complete University Honors, students must complete 24 Honors credits: at least 18 in general education courses and at least 3 in their major or minor. Students select from about 50 honors sections of general education courses offered by the college each semester. In addition, University Honors students are required to complete 40 hours of community service and designated cultural, intellectual, and leadership activities before they graduate.


Departmental Honors

Once students have declared their major, they may pursue departmental honors, leading to distinction in the major or minor. Departmental honors requires 12 credits of Honors coursework in the major or minor including the senior thesis/project. These credits are typically arranged by Honors College advisory faculty in the academic departments.


Highest Honors

BoogHighest Honors marks the most distinctive recognition of academic excellence in the Honors College. Upon completion of 56 credits, students may apply for Highest Honors. Completion of Highest Honors demonstrates a commitment to community, international awareness, service, and research. Students must apply for Highest Honors before they exceed 84 credits, maintain a 3.7 or higher cumulative GPA, and complete specific requirements outlined in our Student Handbook under, "Graduating with Honors."

For individuals following an Honors Student Handbook prior to 2011, Highest Honors recognizes students who satisfy both the university and departmental honors requirements.


There are no additional costs for being a member of the Honors College.  There are no fees for applying or taking Honors courses.  In fact, the Honors College awards many special fellowships and grants to support undergraduate research, study abroad, the senior thesis, and conference travel.


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