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CASI 240-Reel Women/ Real Women

"In this course, we explore relations between women and film. We begin by studying the bases of film and gender analyses. This term, our focus is on the ways in which the power of women is represented in cinema from around the world. The films we screen will portray women in relation to different forms of power, including sexual power and formal and informal leadership. The films will be chosen from a wide variety of cultural contexts. Questions to be put to the films will include: Is the power of women portrayed as similar to or different from the power of men? Are women in leadership positions portrayed as similar to or different from men in leadership positions? Do depictions of powerful women differ from culture to culture? Are powerful women portrayed differently by female film directors than by male directors?"


                       -Margaret Crouch, History and Philosophy; Rhonda Longworth, Political Science; Winter 2013 

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