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CHL 208 Multicultural Children's Literature

"In this course, we explore a variety of children's and young adult books that can be considered works of multicultural children's literature. As part of analyzing these works, we must also reflect on our own understandings of cultures and subcultures, our own cultural identities, and the ways in which our cultural identities can affect our relationships with and interpretations of other people's cultures, as well as our definitions of multicultural children's literature, its strengths, and its limitations.  We will discuss major issues within the subfield of multicultural children's books, including different criteria for evaluating the books, the varied presentations of cultural groups, and the history and possible future directions of multicultural children's literature. Moreover, as a distinguishing feature of Honors CHL 208, we will undertake a class project, like a library display, to share our findings and discussions with others. This course meets the requirement for Area III: Perspectives on a Diverse World: U.S. Diversity in General Education Program."


-Ramona Caponegro, English Language and Literature, Fall 2013

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