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EDPS 322-Human Growth and Development

"Human Growth and Development (EDPS 322) is designed as a foundation class for students who will become certified teachers in pre‐kindergarten through secondary educational settings. Its purpose is to introduce the major developmental theses and themes that influence the practice of teaching: social‐emotional learning, cognitive sequences, ecological considerations, and of‐course, the social construction of knowledge. In addition to biweekly class meetings (seminar in nature), each student will be expected to become engaged as an out‐of‐class tutor of students who are “at‐risk” for academic problems. This experience (approximately 20 hours over the course of the semester) will be logged as pre‐student teaching hours and will be arranged by the professor. There is no text book for the class; the readings will be on‐line in the course shell. The class is designed to be intellectually stimulating, exciting and a highly interactive."


                       -Sylvia Norris Jones; Teacher Education: Winter 2013

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