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IB 210 Fundamentals of Global Business

"The purpose of this course is to provide both a theoretical and practical basis for effective global business. Specifically, the course will focus on the following seven objectives:

1)  To increase understanding foundational concepts as they apply to business in a global setting focusing particularly on the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on business

2)  to recognize the interdependent nature of business relationships among nations and citizens of the world in an increasingly integrated world economy

2)  to develop techniques for maneuvering through the environment of global business as they relate to a) cross-cultural differences, b) national legal and political systems, c) government intervention and impact on international business, d) regional economic integration and trade agreements, e) the rise of emerging markets and f) international monetary and financial systems

3)  to provide a basic understanding of the role of global strategy and organizational structure in the MNC

4)  to analyze and balance global market opportunities and risk factors

5)  to become familiar with basic international market entry approaches such as a) exporting and countertrade, b) FDI and collaborative ventures, c) foreign licensing and franchising, and d) global sourcing  

6) to introduce the nature of global business practices on such functional areas as marketing, management, information systems, finance and accounting."


                     -Dr. David Victor; Management; Fall 2013

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