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LITR 201- (Im)Possible Futures: Narratives of Tech & War

"Literature 201 designed to cultivate students’ appreciation of science fiction by providing a context to learn about the formal and historical features of this type (or genre) of literature. Special focus will be on how this exciting genre of fiction teaches us about the dystopian limits of technology and war. The class gives students terms important for the critical understanding of science fiction as an imaginative literary form that poses crucial questions about the role of technology in society. Students will learn to analyze the generic conventions of science fiction, while learning to recognize and appreciate how this genre reflects deeply on the role science plays in shaping our dreams, as well as our fears, about the future. Science fiction does this by employing a range of literary devices and narrative techniques to challenge the reader to reflect on the role of science in helping humankind. Literary texts will include: War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells; Time Out of Joint, by Philip K. Dick; Lathe of Heaven, by Ursula K Le Guin; Forever War, by Joe Haldeman; Neuromancer, by William Gibson., and Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. We will also consider gaming and “point and shoot” digital game culture in the context of the culture industry. Possible critical texts include: Bogost;s Alien Phenomenology, Jameson’s Archeologies of the Future, and Dyer‐ Witherford and Greig de Peuter’s Games of Empire."


                    -Craig Dionne; English Language and Literature; Winter 2013

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