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philwgst226PHIL/WGST 226

Feminist theory is an area of thought that seeks to expose, analyze and critically assess the justice of gender inequalities present in our society, in other societies, and globally. By its nature, feminist theory is philosophical. This means that the methods by which we will seek knowledge in this class are logic and reason, that our subject matter will often be conceptual and abstract, and that we will question unacknowledged assumptions and beliefs whose truth is conventionally regarded as obvious. This course focuses on six sets of questions:

• What is feminism?

• What is gender? Is gender "natural"? Is gender an unjust social institution?

• What is sexism? Why is sexism unjust?

• How is contemporary American society sexist, if at all? Are women oppressed? Are men oppressed?

• How should feminists reason about apparently sexist practices occurring outside of their own society?

• What are the ultimate goals of feminism? What would a gender-just society look like?

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