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PLSC 202: State and Local Government -- Honors

Dr. Joe Ohren

PLSC 202 is an introductory course in political science and presumes no previous college level course work in government. Students who have had the American Government course will have a point of reference and comparison for much of the class discussion. As the course title suggests, however, the focus here is on state and local governmental units. Given the number and diversity of such units, we will be emphasizing general patterns and common characteristics. Equally important, we will look to our own state and local units as examples, becoming more familiar with Michigan along the way and using a comparative perspective as a learning tool.
Students will be asked to prepare a case study on their own unit of local government as part of course requirements, and given the congressional elections scheduled for fall 2014, we will also explore the primary election process and the role of ideological groups at the state level in shaping national politics and policies.

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