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PLSC 379- Honors Experience: Washington D.C.

"Washington, D.C. is an interesting place. We can see some beautiful rhetoric, such as on the walls of the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial, and on the facing above the Supreme Court building (“Equal Justice Under Law”). The beauty of the city, and its buildings, inspires us to see what government can be. But, we also see the grimy reality of government – Congress bickering, lobbyists trying to use their influence, political parties putting the interests of party above country. How can we reconcile the two? How do we fit the rhetoric of Washington within the reality of governing? PLSC 379 (Honors Experience: Washington, D.C.) provides students an opportunity to think about these issues. We’ll see some of these sites in Washington, and talk about what they teach us about government. We’ll meet with members of Congress, watch the House and Senate in session, and talk to lobbyists and political consultants. All of these experiences will give us a chance to think deeply about what government can be, what is often must be, and why. We’ll ask the hard questions, in a place where the hard questions are usually avoided and evaded. We’ll question assumptions and consider new ideas. And, we’ll have some fun."


                               -Jeffrey Bernstein; Political Science; Winter 2013

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