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Honors Course Listings

This schedule is our best estimate of what courses we will offer, and the semester(s) in which they will be offered. It is subject to change, but represents our plan at this time. If you have questions, please contact our office for the most up-to-date information.

These are our current listing of Honors Courses

For a description of an Honors section of a course, click on the course title. For general information on the course, please visit the EMU Course Catalog.

A single * indicates that individual courses may vary, but we will offer at least one LITR course at the General Education level. Offerings at the 300 and 400 level will vary by demand. ** indicates that additional offerings in alternate semesters are possible depending on student need and faculty availability. *** indicates that future offerings will be based on student needs.



Course Title  Fall Winter 
AAS 101 Introduction to African American Studies X***  
ACC 240 Financial Accounting   X**
ANTH 135 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology X X
ANTH/SOCL 214 US Racial and Cultural Minorities   X**
ARTE 220 Visual Art for Elementary Teachers   X**
ARTH 100 Art Appreciation X*** X***
ARTH/HIST 151 Reason and Revolution X***  
ARTS 101 Intro to Art X X
BIO 110 Introduction to Biology X  
BIO 110 Introduction to Biology Lab X  
CASI 240 Reel Women/Real Women   X***
CHEM 115 Chemistry and Society   X
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I X  
CHEM 122 General Chemistry I Lab X  
CHEM 125 General Chemistry II   X
CHEM 126 General Chemistry II Lab   X
CHEM 282 Quantitative Analysis X  
CHEM 282 Quantitative Analysis Lab X  
CHEM 376 Organic Chemistry Lab   X
CHL 137 Harry Potter: Children's Lit and Pop Culture   X**
CHL 207 Introduction to Children's Literature   X**
CHL 208 Multicultural Children's Literature X  
CHL 209 Global Children's Literature   X***
CHL 455 Adolescent Literature X***  
COB 200L Introduction to Business X  
CRM 200 Crime and Justice X*** X***
CRTW 201 Introduction to Creative Writing X X
CTAC 124 Fundamentals of Speech X X
CTAC 226 Non-Verbal Communication   X***
CTAC 227 Interpersonal Communication X  
CTAC 275 Interracial/Inter-ethnic Communication X***  
CTAR 150L Intro to Theatre   X***
CTAT 145 Intro to Film Appreciation   X***
DTC 358 Food and Culture   X
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics X  
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics   X
EDPS 322 Human Development and Learning X X
ENGL 121 Comp II: Researching the Public Experience X X
ENGL 300W Writing about Literature X  
ENGL 328 Writing Style and Technology   X***
GEOG 150 Sustainable Development   X
HIST 100 Comparative Study of Religion   X
HIST 101 History of Western Civilization to 1648 X  
HIST 102 Western Civilization, 1648-WWI   X
HIST 123 The U.S. To 1877   X***
IB 210 Fundamentals of International Business X  
IHHS 260 Aging to Infancy   X
JRNL 213 Introduction to Journalism X  
LAW 293 Legal Environments   X
LITR 103 Introduction to Drama    
LITR 160 Introduction to African American Literature   X***
LITR 200 Literary Studies for LIT Lovers X***  
LITR 201 (Im)possible Futures   X***
LITR 202 Current Events in World Literature X***  
LITR 309 Development of American Literature X*  
LITR 422 Studies in Novel in Global Perspective X* Fall 
MATH 120 Calculus X X
MATH 170 Elementary Statistics X  
MGMT 202 Business Communications   X
MUSC 107 Music Appreciation X X
MUSC 220 Music for Elementary Teachers X X
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy X  
PHIL 110 Philosophies of Life   X***
PHIL 220 Ethics   X
PHIL 228 Global Ethics   X***
PHIL 229  Environmental Ethics     
PHIL/WGST 226 Feminist Theory X***  
PLSC 113 American Government X X
PLSC 210 Introduction to Political Analysis X  
PLSC 211 Comparative Politics   X***
PLSC 213 Introduction to Political Thought   X***
PLSC 215 Civil Rights and Liberties X  
PLSC 308 Political Science and Rev   X***
PLSC 379 Honors Experience: Washington D.C.   X***
PSY 101 General Psychology X X
PSY 205 Quantitative Methods in Psychology   X
PSY 321 Child Psychology X  
PSY 360 Abnormal Psychology   X**
SOCL 105 Introduction to Sociology X X
SOCL 250 Quantitative Applications in Sociology X***  X
SPGN 251 Education of Students with Exceptions X X
STS 170L Global Technologies X***  
WGST 200 Introduction to Women's Studies X X
WGST 202 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality X X
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