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John Feldkamp


Associate Director, Honors College

Phone: 734.487.0341

Email: jfeldkam@emich.edu

Education:  MA, Higher Ed., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

                   BS, Sec. Math Ed., Eastern Michigan University


Message from Assistant Director:

The most meaningful part of my job is the opportunity to work with some of the most motivated and passionate people I have ever met: our Honors students. I take great pride in our program's ability to captivate students' desire to learn, and seek a better understanding of the world which surrounds them. Our curriculum is designed to provide students the contextual understanding of the society in which they live, and how they can find their place in it to contribute personally, professionally, and academically.

I love meeting prospective students and advising our current students. I am a graduate of our own Honors College, and believe in everything we have to offer. This is a wonderful school with wonderful people, and if you are seeking to make the most of your undergraduate college experience, then we believe that the Honors College is the place for you.


The Honors College

Phone: 734.487.0341
Fax: 734.487.0793


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