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Honors College

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Why Honors?

Undergraduate research opportunities

Honors students work beside senior faculty in the laboratory, the studio, the research seminar. They can work on the most challenging problems in their fields. They can be true scholars - people who contribute to the advance of knowledge.

In-depth, enriched training in your major field

Honors students can receive advanced instruction in upper-level courses through the completion of Honors contracts. These contracts typically lead to an Honors jstudent's future research in their program of study, and completing Departmental Honors.

High-quality instruction in small classes

Honors students take General Education classes in Honors sections of no more than 20 students. This environment lends itself for engaging discussion with high-quality EMU faculty and other Honors students.

A community to belong to

The Honors College is a true community of talented students and committed faculty doing stimulating and
satisfying work together at a major research university. It's an intellectual and social  nvhome.

 Individualized Honors advising

Honors students meet regularly with trained Honors advisors to discuss their programs of study. Our staff works with students to determine how they can pursue the various levels of Honors with their major and/or minor.

 A diverse, unique educational experience

Special classes, research opportunities, community service, interaction with senior faculty, close ties with talented peers - the EMU honors experience is one that most students rdon't have. It's a richly diverse, intellectually challenging, personally satisfying way to make the most of the undergraduate experience.

 A designation that opens doors

Honors recognition from EMU is noted by employers and graduate admission committees. Three-quarters of Honors College graduates go on to further professional and graduate training. Many receive graduate fellowships and national scholarships. The honors experience leads to fulfilling careers in the professions, business, academia, and the arts.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are many scholarships available for Honors Students! Click here to learn about the Presidential Scholarship, where you can be awarded 128 credit hours of tuition and 4 years of room and board! 

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