Tenants of Westview,

Check out the new weather vestibule that is available at the bus stop on Huron River Drive in front of Westview Apartment Complex. This sheltered bus stop accesses route three of The Ride Transportation Authority. This route gives passenger access to downtown Ypsilanti with the route beginning at Adams and Pearl Street, as well as downtown Ann Arbor where the route concludes on 4th and liberty. Students can use this to access main campus as well as the College of Business (the stop in Ypsilanti at the Transit Center is right next to the COB). At $1.50 the ride is affordable to all and less hassle than having to drive through the pedestrian populated Ann Arbor or the icy winter roads. Commuters from Westview no longer have to fight for parking on campus as this transportation system will take you to Huron and LeForge where you can walk to many classes in less than 15 minutes. If you are interested in the departure schedule of the route click on the link below, understand that this new stop is located between stop six and seven on the map so you can assume the pickup will be in between those times. http://www.theride.org/rideguide/3in.pdf

Buss map