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Develops, implements, counsels and enrolls all faculty and staff in specific benefit programs. Processes all benefit claims. Administers the employee tuition waiver program. Administers all University retirement programs and processes tax deferred annuity plans.

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Employee Assistance Program

Whether you're feeling stressed about money, looking to improve your health, or coping with personal issues or a family problem, LifeWorks is here for you whenever you need fast, expert advice and support. LifeWorks is a service provided by EMU that offers free, confidential help with personal and work-related issues, 24/7. You can call toll-free to speak with a caring, professional LifeWorks consultant or visit their website at: www.lifeworks.com to find the help and resources you need. Best of all, your whole family can use the service. Whether you have a simple question or a complex problem, LifeWorks can help you with almost any issue, including:

Life                                                                                  Health

Stress and overload                                                         Exercise

Addiction and recovery                                                     Nutrition

Relationships                                                                    Sleep                                         

Depression                                                                       Personal well-being

Work-life balance                                                              Condition management

Divorce and separation                                                    Living with a disability                          

Grief and Loss                                                                  Medicare and Medicaid

Family                                                                             Money

Parenting                                                                         Budgeting

Infant and child care                                                        Debt management

Adoption                                                                          Credit and collections

Discipline and safety                                                        Saving and investing

Teenagers                                                                        Basic tax planning

Single parenting                                                               Buying a car

Blended families                                                               Home buying and renting

Caring for seniors                                                             Bankruptcy

Caregiver resources                                                         Estate planning and wills


Time management

Career development

Getting along at work


Job stress and burnout


Business travel

Retirement planning

Managing people

Find out more about all the ways LifeWorks can help.

Call anytime at (877) 234-5151 or visit www.lifeworks.com

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Para información sobre este programa en español, visite en-línea en www.lifeworks.com

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