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The Compensation office is responsible for developing compensation programs, policies, and approaches that meet our unique needs to attract and retain our diverse workforce.

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Classifications and Wages

The Compensation Office has established wage and salary schedules for each classification specification. The University's Classification System is a framework used to arrange jobs based on similarities of purpose, required skills, duties performed, accountability, work environment and other common factors.

Click here to access the online classification specification database

Listed below are the wage and salary schedules associated to the classification specification

  1. Athletic Coach-Semi Monthly Plan (AC)

  2. Administrative Professional -Semi Monthly Plans (AP) 11/1/2014

  3. Confidential Assistant (CA) - Biweekly Plan 10/1/2013
  4. Clerical Secretarial- Biweekly Plans (CS) 7/1/2015

  5. Professional Technical- Biweekly Plans (PE-PT) 7/1/2015

  6. Food Service and Maintenance - Biweekly Plan (FM) 7/1/2015

  7. Campus Police - Biweekly Plan (CP) 7/1/2015

  8. Police Sergeants - Biweekly Plan (PS) 7/1/2015

  9. Temporary Employee - Biweekly Rate Schedule (TM) 7/1/2013

  10. Graduate Assistants - Biweekly Stipend Schedule (GS) 12/15/14
  11. Archived Salary, Wage & Benefit Rate Schedules

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