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Why are students placed on Academic Probation?

An undergraduate student is placed on academic probation when his/her cumulative grade point average at EMU, is less than 2.00 (a "C" average) and/or his/her cumulative completion rate at EMU is less than 67%*. Placement on academic probation is automatic and applies even if the student states that official notification of such probation has not been received from the University.

*Your Cumulative Completion Rate (CCR), is based on the number of hours attempted and the total number of earned hours.

Earned and Attempted EMU hours are found under the "Student" tab of your my.emich account. (Click on Student Services, Student Records and Academic Transcript).

What do you need to do once you're placed on Academic Probation?

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor (within first 30 days of semester).
  • Meet with a Success Coach right away (appointment can be scheduled online HERE ).
  • Check HERE  for more information about Study Tables, Tutoring and other free Academic Support services.

Students who fail to maintain the required GPA, semester completion rate, and requirements of probation will be subject to dismissal for academic reasons.

NOTE: Placement on Academic Probation may affect your eligibility for Financial Aid. Please see the Academic Probation and Financial Aid page HERE or visit the Financial Aid website .Appealing your Academic Probation does not appeal the decision or affect to your Financial Aid eligibility. You must go through both offices separately.

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