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Holman Success Center

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Holman Success Coaches are professionals, UNIV Instructors, and Peer Mentors who:

  • Are personal trainers for college
  • Have experience meeting with students
  • Can help arrange and prioritize your academic life
  • Can connect you to other services when needed
  • Can demonstrate 'how-to-study' techniques
  • Offer one-on-one skill-building workshops

Why You Should Meet with a Success Coach

Meeting with a Success Coach is an excellent way to get you on track academically and personalize your education. We assist students in navigating the University system, as well as assisting in tracking progress toward both academic and personal goals. If you need a hand in developing a plan of action to tackle academic challenges and attain personal achievement, we are here to help!

(HSC) Halle Library, Room G04 



-"With the encouragement from my success coach, I felt that even though I wasn’t with my family, I still had someone who could offer advice and be in my corner." (Nia Thomas - Fall 2015)

Holman Success Center, G04 Halle Library, hours M - F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. phone 734.487.2133 mail blog Holman Success Center Blog