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Services that support students’ development of skills to achieve academic success



The Holman Success Center provides services to all students—those at risk, on academic probation, and currently well-performing—that support the development of skills they need to achieve academic success. Our services are innovative and utilize technology in unique and effective ways. We enhance students’ academic and personal development and assist them in creating opportunities for growth. Our mission includes the understanding and use of coordinated referrals to campus offices and resources to ensure that no student ever feels dismissed or abandoned by our staff. At Holman Success Center, we are committed to providing services to support student transitions through graduation and delivering excellence in everything we do.



At the Holman Success Center, we value the diverse experiences of our staff and students. Our goal is to empower disenfranchised populations, and to provide community for the unsupported, education to the marginalized, and opportunities to the silenced. We are committed to providing a compassionate student-focused office that places emphasis on building self-confidence, awareness, and education around the ideas of diversity, inclusion, and equity. The hope is that those who enter our doors will be propelled to become change agents in our society.


Holman Success Center Staff

Director, Academic Support Programs

Christine Deacons, PhD ABD 
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Christine has served as Director of Academic Support Programs and the Holman Success Center since June 2013. Since that time, HSC services have expanded from Success Coaching, Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction to include Peer Mentoring, Eagle Study Tables, coordination of our UNIV and Edge Programs, and a very successful Rewards Program. Known for having an innovative approach to academic support and problem solving, Christine has presented at retreats and conferences and has been recognized as an expert in the field of academic support. In April 2017, Christine received a Distinguished Achievement Recognition Award for Student Engagement and Success.


Coordinator, Academic Support Programs 

Tracey Sonntag, M.A.
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Tracey has earned a B.S. in Professional Writing with a minor in business, an M.A in Teaching of Writing, and a graduate certificate in Higher Ed - Academic Advising -- all from Eastern Michigan University. At Holman Success Center she has the opportunity to interact with hundreds of first-year and at-risk students. She is  fulfilled by those small moments of celebration when she can assist a student in their path to degree completion.

UNIV Instructor & Success Coach

LaRae Brannon
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LaRae Brannon is currently completing her master's degree in counseling here at EMU, with a focus in school counseling, and holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology. She is a firm believer that this world would be a better place if everyone took the time to find their passion and pursued a career doing what they love. This belief guides her in helping others discover themselves and builds the foundation of her success coaching, counseling, and role as a UNIV 101L3 and UNIV 179L3 instructor.



UNIV Instructor & Success Coach,  Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction & Tutoring

Amelia Parnis, M.A.
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Amelia Parnis has a master's degree in Higher Education Student Affairs (HESA). She earned her Bachelor’s of Science at EMU in English Language, Literature and Writing, minoring in Psychology. In addition to her role as a Success Coach, Amelia works as a UNIV 101L3/179L3 instructor and the coordinator for HSC’s Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Drop-In Tutoring programs. She finds joy in helping students discover their unique skills and abilities that will help them succeed in life. In her free time, she likes to travel, attend concerts, and run her blog. She loves iced coffee, cacti, and sunglasses.

UNIV Instructor & Success Coach

Cesar Vargas
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Cesar Vargas has a Master's degree in Higher Education/Student Affairs Master 
at Eastern Michigan University and earned his BA in Sociology and Latino Studies from the University of Michigan in May of 2015. He is fully dedicated to helping students understand, maneuver, and ease the transition from high school to college by using his experience as a first-generation college student. His ultimate goal is to help individuals find themselves as students. Overall, he was very involved on campus as an undergrad, ranging from becoming a brother of Lambda Theta Phi to becoming a leader through PILOT, both student organizations at the University of Michigan. Some of his interests include playing soccer, spending time with his friends and family, and meeting new people.

Financial Aid Advisor

Kate Adams
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Office Supervisor

Dawn Farmer -

Technology Specialist

John Williams -

Holman Success Center Graduate Assistant

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