Eastern Michigan University

Peer Tutoring FAQs


Do I need to be having academic problems in order to attend drop-in tutoring?

No, you don't need to be struggling to attend walk-in tutoring. Many students want to stay ahead of the class by getting help every semester.

What can I do in addition to drop-in tutoring to help me with my coursework?

In addition to attending walk-in tutoring, there are other services offered through the Holman Success Center or other academic departments that may be helpful to students. Students may have a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader available in their undergraduate courses who can assist with the development of things such as study skills and review of course-related material. Check the website (www.emich.edu/hsc) for a list of classes that have SI available. In addition, tutoring may be offered through some academic departments. This tutoring is available on a walk-in basis and each tutoring lab has its own hours of operation. Check with your department to get more information on departmental tutoring if it is offered.

Can I be sure that I'll pass the course for which I'm being tutored?

You are the key ingredient as to whether you pass your course or not. Most students who receive tutoring can improve their grade during the semester of tutoring if they are willing to put the time in to be successful.

What are the qualifications of the tutors at the HSC?

HSC individual tutors have passed the course that they are tutoring with a B+ or better and have an overall GPA of at least 3.0. The tutors are undergraduate level students who receive training through the HSC and are supervised by a Resource Consultant and the Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring.

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