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More About Tutoring - Things to Know

1. Getting the Most Out of Drop-in

    • Come Prepared: Bring your syllabus, notes, homework assignments, and/or past exams with you to walk-in tutoring. Also, think about where you're struggling and come up with some specific concepts you have questions about. Where are you getting confused?

    • Make the Most of the Time: To get the most out of your time at walk-in tutoring, take out headphones, turn off phones, and remove other distractions. Try to focus on the task at hand.

    • Be Patient: Walk-in Tutors want to help as many students as possible in the best way possible so be patient as they work with a multitude of students. If you have to wait, use that time to your advantage by re-reading your notes or trying to answer your own questions.

    • Come Regularly: Coming to walk-in tutoring hours weekly can help you build a relationship with the tutor and improve your study habits. Setting aside time each week to work and ask questions about a specific class will make you more successful.

2. What Not To Expect From Drop-in

    • Drop-in Tutors will not do work for you. As a student, it is your responsibility to attend class, take notes, read course material, and complete assignments. Tutors are there to assist you in understanding confusing concepts or working through practice problems. They are not there to pass your class for you.

    • Drop-in Tutors are not an editing/proofreading service.

    • Drop-in Tutors are not your instructors. If you have questions that are very specific to a professor, your drop-in tutoring most likely won't know the answer. These are things to ask your professor about in office hours.

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