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Allison Hoag

AllisonAllison Hoag is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice with the intention of attending Law School. She is an active member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and enjoys helping others fulfill their full potential. She is a first generation college student that hopes to make her family proud of her accomplishments. She has been a Peer Mentor with us for three years and loves to share her personal experiences to help first year students have a great successful four years both academically and socially.

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Anna Randt Anna

Anna Randt is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Children and Family Studies with a minor in interdisciplinary Leadership. This is her second year as a peer mentor and she entered Eastern Michigan University as a PASS (what it was called before it became EMU Edge) student her freshman year. This program gave her many opportunities while being here on campus. Her main focus is to help give back to students the kind of help she received to gain her success here at EMU.

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Aric Bird

AricAric Bird is a sophomore here at Eastern Michigan University and is studying Public Relations and theatre. Aric is originally from Bolivar, Ohio and came to Eastern to join the nationally renowned Eastern Michigan University Forensic team. Where Aric travels across the country performing and meeting new people.  Aric is the youngest out of his four oldest siblings and some of his favorite things to do is golf, fish, hang out with friends, and watch movies. This is Aric's first year being apart of the Holman Success Center and has learned a lot so far. Aric is eager this semester to meet new students and be a helping hand for their college endeavors.


Ashleigh Walters

AshleighAshleigh Walters is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Secondary Education Chemistry with a minor in Secondary Education Earth Science. She has made the Dean's List the majority of her semesters here at Eastern Michigan University. She has been invited to multiple luncheons with highly-respected Chemistry professors from all over the country. She will be a first generation college graduate and works hard everyday to make her family proud. She loves being a peer mentor and helping her students find success in their collegiate careers. She is driven by the successes of her students and hopes that they will take full advantage of the opportunities given to them here at Eastern.

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Casey Gomia

CaseyCasey is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Secondary Education Language, Literature, and Writing with a minor in Communication and Theatre Arts. She is a second year peer mentor at EMU and is driven in helping to guide first year and transfer students to academic and social success. She is also an RA in the Honors Residence hall and is looking forward to seeing how these two jobs will contribute to her personal academic and social growth, in addition to the growth of the students and residents she mentors. She enjoys reaching out and connecting with students to make their college experience memorable. She is a first generation college student and hopes to serve as an example to her four younger siblings that anything is possible.

Chayna Brunner

ChaynaChayna is a senior here at EMU majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Social Work and Communication. She has been involved with the Holman Success Center since the very start of her college career. She took the Introduction to the University course herself and has come to love and appreciate everything the HSC entails -- especially the effort to support and encourage students. Chayna has been a Peer Mentor at the HSC for three years and also works at The Honors College as a Recruiting Fellow. She is an active member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and is the Vice President of the Black Honors Student Organization. Chayna loves being a part of a team whose main objective is to uplift and place students on a path to success!

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Dion Temple Dion

Dion is a first-year Peer Mentor, a sophomore, and a double major in Journalism/Communications. His commitment to his students is evident and he has forged a bond with those in his classes. Dion is also dedicated to student success outside the classroom and can always be counted on for a positive word.


Katie Silfco

KatieKatelyn (Katie) Slifco is in her fourth year of her undergrad who is currently majoring in therapeutic recreation with intent on applying to either a masters or doctoral program in Occupational Therapy. Katie did not have the easiest transition from high school to college and has developed a passion in helping other students who are making the transition as smooth as possible. This is her fifth semester working with the Holman Success Center and loves every second of it. Katie has been involved in community volunteer programs in Ypsilanti, Canton, Ann Arbor and Macomb. She is very proud to call Ypsi her home!


Kelsey Powell Kelsey

My name is Kelsey Powell and I am a second-year student majoring in Speech and Language Pathology. This is my first year as a peer mentor, but I am willing to take it head-on for both my UNIV and my MATH 097 peer mentoring. I'm hoping this experience will be fun and educational for both the students and me.

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Kristian Burns 

Kristian Burns is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Management with a concentration inKristian Human Resources. She enjoys connecting with students and helping them reach their goals so that they can have a memorable, successful, and fulfilling college career. Kristian also likes to volunteer in her spare time to give back to her community. She absolutely loves being a peer mentor at EMU and is passionate about guiding first year students down the path of academic and social success.

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LaShaunta Pickett 

Hello, my name is LaShaunta Pickett but I prefer to be addressed as Shaunny. In Fall 2017 I will be a Shaunny sophomore. My major is Sports Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship. I'm the treasurer of Bronze Beauties and the first generation of my family to attend college. I believe that it's imperative to build a great relationship with everyone, which is something I'm excited about doing with the upcoming students. I'm really excited to be successful in my profession but also being an influential individual for others!


Lauren Anargyros

Lauren Anargyros is a senior majoring in Communications and Psychology with a minor in Art. She will Laurenbe graduating in April 2018 and then continuing her education in graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in School Counseling. Lauren is a first-generation college student who, despite the struggles along the way, has accomplished being on the Dean’s List every semester and being involved on campus. This is her third year as a Peer Mentor with the Holman Success Center, which she started as a step toward gaining experience for her anticipated career. She loves working with the HSC and wishes she knew about all the resources they have when she first started at EMU. Lauren hopes to be able to make a difference in the lives of her students through the knowledge and experiences she has had while not only helping them succeed academically, but also helping them achieve goals that are beyond the classroom.

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Naja Martin Naja

I am a sophomore here at Eastern majoring in Nursing, originally from Ohio I am in the Honors College I am a first generation college student. My goal is to make my family proud and be a positive influence and role model for my younger brother. I love making a difference, helping and leading others to success and confidence. I am the peer mentor for the SisterHOOD as well as a trio class. I am always open to helping more students so you are more than welcome to email me!

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Nikol Ray

NikolNikol Ray is a third year student here at EMU and a second year Peer Mentor at HSC. She is currently a Nursing Intent with a double minor in Communication and Psychology, but she is exploring her major options for a possible change. She is a part of three national honor societies and is very excited in leadership opportunities. Her job as a Peer Mentor is her favorite thing to do. During her free time, she loves taking her students to on-campus events and helping them as much as possible during their transition. If you see her on campus say hello!

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Talia EdgarTalia

Hello! I am majoring in Secondary Education - language, literature and writing. I haven't decided on a minor yet. I'm currently a Supplemental Instruction Leader (SIL) and a Peer Mentor. My siblings are my WHY. I do everything I can so that one day someone can tell me that I am their role model or inspiration.


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Tre Guyton  

Tre Guyton is a second year undergraduate student majoring in business Marketing. He is a Trefirst generation college student and hopes to serve as an example for his younger sister that anything you put your mind to you can do it. He loves being a Peer Mentor at EMU and is driven in helping to guide first year students to academic and social success.

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Quentin FrancisQuentin

I'm a junior here at Eastern from Columbus, OH majoring in Political Science with a minor in Communications. In addition to being a Peer Mentor and Student Academic Coach for the Holman Success Center I am also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and ReachFTK. My goal is to one day be the president of a university!


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