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SI Information for Faculty

An opportunity for faculty to provide additional academic assistance to students enrolled in their classes

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support service available for many 100-200 level courses at EMU through the Holman Success Center (HSC). Introductory (survey) courses such as PLSC 112, HIST 124 or PSY 101 are great fits for the SI model because of the class structure, broad course content and enrollment rates. Gateway courses such as CHEM 120, PSY 205 and DS 265 make excellent SI classes because students pass these classes with a specific grade in order to start their major coursework. Furthermore, students are able to transfer the skills and techniques learned from SI sessions into more advanced courses.

SI provides and opportunity to develop a professional relationship with a student who has successfully completed their course, while providing another learning tool for their students. The success of SI hinges on the faculty members' endorsement and support of the program.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SIL) are students interested in providing academic assistance to other students at EMU. They have achieved academic excellence through successful course navigation and superior study skills.

Qualifications for SIL include:
  • successfully completed the course they would like to SI in with a B+ or better and have achieved a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA
  • professor recommendation
  • completed two days of SIL training provided by HSC prior to the start of the semester
  • demonstrate a sincere interest in working with students
SIL job responsibilities include:
  • attending SI course to take notes and modeling positive student behavior
  • meeting weekly with SI professor to discuss SI sessions and how to increase attendance
  • developing study guides and other aids to facilitate collaborative learning
  • providing two to three SI sessions every week
  • continuing their training through weekly meetings with their SI Team Leader
SI professor's responsibilities include:
  • discussing and actively assisting SIL in increasing attendance to SI sessions
  • providing course materials such as textbook, course pack, etc. to SIL
  • meeting weekly with SIL to develop a relationship, review course materials and discuss SI sessions
  • demonstrating support of SI to students and how it relates to their academic success
  • including information related to SI in course syllabus
  • giving SIL time to provide updates and information regarding the session days/times/locations during class time
Benefits of SI to students include:
  • becoming more confident, independent learners while connecting with peers
  • interacting with other students to understand difficult course concepts and ask questions about lecture
  • experiencing a better understanding of what-to-learn with how-to-learn
  • learning to work as a team with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • achieving higher grades than students who do not participate in SI sessions
  • improving their academic skills such as time management, note-taking, test preparation and test-taking strategies

 If you are interested in referring a student to work with you as an SIL, please note the following time guidelines for each semester:

Semester Recruiting/Referrals Interviewing/Hiring Training (2 days)
Fall early March to mid April April to late June Prior to Labor Day
Winter mid October to late November mid November to mid December Prior to holiday break
Spring and Summer early March to mid April late March to late April Thurs/Fri prior to start of spring semester
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