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What is UNIV 101L3 / UNIV 179L3?

Restricted to first-time entering freshman and first semester transfer students. UNIV 101L3 provides students the information and skills that help make the transition to college more successful. Students learn how to successfully manage the university system, what study techniques can enhance their grades, and how to live and learn in a multicultural environment. In addition, the classes are small and allow students to develop individual relationships with the faculty/staff teaching team members and other students in the class. This class prepares students for success at EMU and beyond.

UNIV 179L3, designed for EMU Edge, BrotherHOOD, and SisterHOOD Program students, features the same curriculum content but includes a two-hour themed study session along with a choice of linked courses carefully chosen to fit student interests.

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What former students have said about UNIV!UNIV F15

- "My introduction to the university class, was kind of calm in the storm of my first semester. This was a class that, instead of adding to my growing stress, showed me how to deal with college and make my experience here a little easier. The major component that I took away from this class is that I am not the only one facing the struggle of college, in fact all of the other students in my UNIV class were having much the same problems that I was having, and this made me feel a little bit better about life. Also, my professor gave us many tips on how to deal with college, such as how to overcome procrastination, adjusting how to take in information based on our different learning styles, and many more."  (Spencer Overbeck - Fall 2015)


-"Knowledge that I gained in UNIV helped me realize how important it is to talk to instructors; this is something that has helped me in my other classes. Also, the time management and scheduling tips I learned in UNIV helped me to plan my time accordingly in order to succeed in my classes." (Elizabeth Morman - Fall 2015)


-"Advice I would give to students taking UNIV next year is...Stay open minded, even if a student thinks they’ve heard it all and knows themselves thoroughly, it’s a great class to re-evaluate oneself and their current habits versus habits they could be using instead. It has great information and tutorials that can be the difference between success and failure, even one small thing could be the key." (Darrien Harville - Fall 2015)


-"UNIV has some valuable components introduced throughout the semester. This class has insured that we understood it is our responsibility to make something out of our experience in college." (Chole - Fall 2015)


-"The advice I would give to students who take UNIV would be to pay attention and don't be afraid to ask questions. [Instructors] are there to help you not lead you down the wrong path...Have a teacher student relationship, open up to your teacher." (Kiah - Fall 2015)


-"One piece of information I would give to new students who are thinking about taking UNIV, is that it does actually help you and not only academically. It really helps you mentally too, it shows you new ways to discover things about yourself. And that can be a great wall to fall back on, because college is hard, and so is moving out and growing up. So by taking this class you realize that while yes your new life will be hectic and stressful, but in the end you wouldn’t change a thing." (Savannah Ferrante - Fall 2015)


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