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Internships are a great way to get experience and figure out where you would like to work in the field. We require students to complete a capstone project. An internship is one way to fulfill this requirement. Students are welcome to experience more than one internship for their own personal gain of knowledge and experience. To receive credit for the Major, students must register for ENVI 305  (Winter Semester) and ENVI 405 (Summer Semester). For those who are applying to an internship before they register for ENVI 305, but will take place after ENVI 305 need to contact Dr. Kovacs for an application. Those registered for ENVI 305 will be sent the application by Dr. Kovacs upon registration. After the application is completed, approval of the internship will be given by Dr. Kovacs.


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Fall, Winter, and Summer internships, Lansing

Goes until all positions are filled

Unpaid Internship

Main Contact- Tom Occhipinti (occhipintit@michigan.gov)

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Tetra Tech

Summer, Ann Arbor

Study Hydrogeologist, Geologist or Engineering

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Thurston Nature Center

Ongoing, Ypsilanti Michigan

Unpaid Internship

Main Contact- Frank Commiskey (fcommiskey@comcast.net)


Internships with Deadlines

Ecology Center


Various Times

Current UM work-study recipient

2 Positions

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Recycle Ann Arbor

To be Announced

Unpaid Internship

Main Contact- Christine Chessler-Stull (christine@recycleannarbor.org)

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Study Abroad

Go Eco Ongoing varies

Varies cost on week and amount of time


    Wildlife Research and Conservation Madagascar

    Wildlife Sanctuary South African

    Multicultural Eco Summer Camp Israel

The Institute for Sustainable International Studies

Term One: June and July, Term Two December 26- January 7 2015, Belize

Two week course $2,675, Two course session $4,225


    Tropical Marine Conservation Biology·

    Tropical Forests: The Management and Conservation of Biodiversity

    Wildlife Medicine, Biology and Conservation

    Tropical Ecosystems: New Approaches to Sustainability

    Ornithology in the Tropics: Birds of Belize

Main Contact- Cynthia Reece (creece@isisbelize.com)