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phishing imagePhishing is an attempt to steal your personal information through fraudulent email messages. Usually the email looks very official and appears to come from EMU or another well-known organization. It will ask for your personal information, such as, credit card number, social security number, EMU ID or password. About 50 EagleMail system users were compromised by phishing attempts made the end of last summer. These 50 EagleMail accounts ....Read More
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 Help Protect EMU Data!
We need your help! EMU data residing in Banner, the University’s enterprise computing system, must be protected as if it were cash. The Division of Information Technology has many security measures in place to protect this data. If you have access to any EMU data, you too must take precautions to help protect EMU data from being compromised. Here are specific actions you should take to protect EMU data: ....Read More
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by Michael McVey, Ed. D
To be an excellent teacher  who uses educational technology, a professor needs to find that sweet spot where knowledge of content and pedagogy merge with technology skills. Two EMU professors have found that intersection through similar projects involving iPads and the creation of interactive multimedia texts. Using the free iBook Author software from Apple, as well as a variety of video creation applications, ....Read More
Because of a Student Government led initiative, the 24-hour computing lab is moving from the Student Center to the Computing Commons on the ground floor of the Halle Library for fall. The collaborative effort by the Division of I.T., the Halle Library, and the Department of Public Safety will provide 24-hour access beginning in September. Student government leadership hopes to take advantage of the academic environment and additional study space offered in the Library. ....Read More Generally connecting to wireless networks is convenient, but risky. Wireless networks use radio waves that can pass through walls, allowing your network signal to go beyond the boundaries of the room where you are using your laptop or mobile device. Unsecured wireless internet traffic is readily available to anyone nearby who possesses the appropriate equipment, allowing them to access  information transmitted by your laptop or mobile device. ....Read More The Dell computers offered in the most recent EMU Computer Refresh Program (CRP) come with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed. This version is more user-centric, focuses on performance improvements, has fewer compatibility problems, sports a retooled taskbar and performs faster during start-up. Besides being the most attractive Windows operating system version to date, Windows 7 allows you to: ....Read More

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