New I.T. Alert Feature!

Alert Screen ShotThe Division of I.T. can now post alerts about system outages or other I.T.-related issues with a banner across the top of all pages within the I.T. website. A red banner indicates a critical outage affecting all or most campus users. A yellow banner indicates a less severe situation. The banner also serves as a link to additional information and updates about the alert.

This new feature will serve as a primary way for I.T. to provide updates to the campus community when we experience system issues ....Read More

 Course Email Lists!
Faculty members who wish to communicate with the students registered in their courses have access to an email list that is created for each EMU course. The lists are available within EagleMail and contain the email addresses of all the students registered for a particular course: ....Read More
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Carl Powell, CIO

Classroom Technology

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by Michael McVey, Program Coordinator, Education Media and Technology, Teacher Education Department

Like many of my faculty colleagues, I delayed getting an iPad or a tablet computer. I resisted fiercely and picked holes in the functionality of the devices. I certainly saw their potential, but the first generation of the iPad, for example, lacked a camera and certain features that I really needed to have if I wanted it to function as a teaching aid or tool. ....Read More

2012 was a very busy year for I.T.. While in 2011 we focused on upgrades to the data center and facility renovations in Pray-Harrold, 2012 was focused on improving technology services for students, faculty, and staff across campus.
This included:

- Implementation of enhanced Wi-Fi in eight campus buildings and the First Year Center residence halls. Then more buildings are scheduled ....Read More
An ongoing replacement plan will standardize classroom technology thanks to efforts by the Provost's Office and recommendations from the Education Environment and Facilities Committee and the Academic I.T. Advisory Committee.

This summer a number of classrooms will have the new technology installed and more classrooms will be upgraded each summer.

Technology improvements include: ....Read More
The University is currently updating the wireless service on campus that is commonly known as Wi-Fi. This service provides two generally available wireless networks that are designated on EMU-Wireless and EMU-Wireless-Secure.

These should not be confused with the Internet access services that individuals purchase from their smartphone or mobile phone providers which is known as cellular Internet service. ....Read More

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