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Clicker Training

iClicker 2The Division of I.T. supports the clicker system called i>Cliker 2. The i>Clicker 2 resembles a TV remote control. It uses radio frequency to transmit and record student responses to questions. Students can respond to many question types such as:

  • simple multiple-choice
  • multiple correct responses
  • true/false
  • yes/no
  • text entry
  • fill in the blank
  • ranking
  • short answer of up to 15 characters

A portable receiving station in the classroom picks up and records students' responses, tallies the answers, updates the grade program, and can show results in numeric and graphical formats. Clickers can provide the ability to:

  • increase student participation in the classroom
  • provide a safe method for shy or unsure students to participate in class
  • pose questions and display the results in real time
  • record attendance
  • give quizzes
  • gather data

In addition, you can use the i>Clicker 2 instructor remote to control PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Panopto, and more from anywhere in the room.

i>Clicker 2 accessibility benefits can be viewed at http://www.iclicker.com/products/accessibility/.

To inquire about i>Clicker 2 training opportunities, contact Arnold Barr by email at abarr@emich.edu or call 734.487.2630.

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