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Smart Board Training

SMART BoardSMART Boardâ„¢ is an electronic white board with touch recognition capability allowing you to write, erase, and move objects with a touch of your finger.

From the SMART Board you can access and navigate the Internet, make notations, and save the image. You can even capture your work to SMART Notebook software where you can edit and distribute your files.

You can also save notes as file formats compatible with a variety of applications including Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and AutoCAD.

The Division of I.T. offers SMART Board training for faculty and for the classes they teach. The SMART Board is used extensively in K-12 and many of our students are already familiar with its use. Other students who will graduate and teach in K-12 appreciate the opportunity to become familiar with an interactive whiteboard before they gain employment.

To inquire about training opportunities, contact Diane Lawrence at 734.487.3995 or email at diane.lawrence@emich.edu.

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