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My.Emich Upgrade Changes

My.Emich is being upgraded to a more contemporary look and feel, starting with the login page. There you might notice that the My.Emich username has been rebranded as "NetID". Once you are logged in, the content will remain familiar with two notable exceptions – My Courses and Groups. These two features will no longer be available in My.Emich. Changes to My.Emich include:

  • An updated login page along with a rebranding of the My.Emich username to "NetID"
    When we first branded the My.Emich username, it was only used to access the My.Emich system. Overtime, this username (ID) was used to access many other University network (Net) systems. To better describe this username, The My.Emich username is being rebranded as "NetID".
    My.Emich Login Page
  • Modern design - familiar content

    The first thing you will notice once you log is that the design of My.Emich has been refreshed; however, the majority of the content hasn't changed with a few notable exceptions - Groups and My Courses.

    My.Emich Welcome Page
  • End-of-Life for the My Courses Channel
    The My.Emich My Courses channel allows instructors to interact with their students in a variety of ways. These tools are used to foster communication outside of the classroom via email and discussions. It also allows instructors and students to share files, links, and photos. The My Courses channel will no longer be available in My.Emich. Of course, instructors and students will still be able to send email messages to their class via EagleMail after the upgrade. See Sending an Email Message to a Class List for more information.

    As part of a separate initiative, IT contacted instructors who use My Courses, in the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 semesters, with information regarding how to migrate their courses to EMU Online. After the My.Emich upgrade, courses will be created and managed via various online tools (e.g., Google Apps and EMU Online). Instructors and students will use these online tools to email a class, share files, and participate in discussions. Visit EMU Online for more information.

  • End-of-Life for the Groups Feature

    The My.Emich Groups feature allow members of clubs, other affiliations, and interests to interact in a variety of ways (e.g., share files, email, and chat).

    Note: My.Emich Group content will not be saved or migrated to another system.

    The Groups feature will no longer be available in My.Emich; however, if you are an owner of a My.Emich group, depending on your role at the University, you will be able to recreate your group from scratch using one of these options:

  • Campus [and Personal] Announcements

    Campus [and Personal] Announcements are a way of communicating with EMU faculty, staff, and students from within My.Emich. If you currently have access to create campus announcements you will continue to have access after the upgrade. New requests for access should be directed to Media Relations.

    Note: See Creating a Campus Announcement for more information.
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