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Printing Cost

Print CostYour starting print quota
The day after students register for class they can print from any computer lab, personal computer, or print kiosk. An initial print quota is available each semester and is depleted at 5¢ each for black and white and 25¢ each for color copies. Initial print quotas are:

  •  Undergraduate- $25.00 per semester
  •  Graduate - $45.00 per semester
  •  Faculty/Staff - $25.00 per semester

Printing beyond quota
Students who are registered may authorize the Division of Information Technology to charge for pages printed beyond their initial quota. At the end of the semester Student Business Services will add the charge to their student account. To enable the account for additional printing:

  1. Go to http://printing.emich.edu/beyondquota.php
  2. Login with your NetID* and password
  3. Click Accept for Student Business Services to be authorized to your account

How much have I printed so far?
Go to http://papercut.emich.edu and login with your with your NetID* and password. Here you will find:

  •   your account balance
  •   total print jobs
  •   total pages
  •   a graph of your past four weeks printing activity
  •   the impact of your printing on the environment
  •   links to your earlier printing history, and more

Protect yourself from unauthorized charges
To ensure you only pay for your own printing, NEVER share your username and password, and be sure to completely log off lab computers. Leaving a computer while you are still logged in is an invitation for someone to charge their printing costs to you, with no way for you to find them or avoid the charges.

*NetID formerly my.emich username

Division of Information Technology

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Phone: 734.487.3141

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