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Service Description

Service Name: EagleMail
Service Name Synonyms: Email, Electronic Mail, Zimbra, Webmail

DoIT provides E-mail and collaboration software to all EMU faculty, students and staff. DoIT utilizes the Zimbra Collaboration Suite for this service. The service is internally branded as EagleMail.


DoIT provides users of EagleMail a fully functional and supported web based client.


Settings only support features allow users to manage email and calendaring services on mobile devices or mail clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Availability:  24/7/365, except planned maintenance windows.

Eligibility falls into several classes as defined in "Attachment A" of IT Policy 4.8 titled "System Accounts". Generally speaking:

  • Alumni and former students are eligible for email forwarding only.
  • University departments are eligible for dedicated departmental accounts with a 100MB storage quota.
  • Firstname.lastname@emich.edu mail aliases available to faculty and staff only.

Full support of the web client is provided. For individually owned mobile devices, support is limited to providing the typical configuration settings required to access the service.


Support is available through the IT Help Desk at 734-487-2120 or it.helpdesk@emich.edu. Support is provided during the service hours of the IT Help Desk.


Answers to some basic questions are available 24/7 via "Search for Answers" box at http://www.emich.edu/it/help/help_desk.php .

Features and Options:
  • EagleMail Mail – web based e-mail service.
  • EagleMail Calendar – web based calendaring service
  • EagleMail Briefcase - File Storage
  • Contact Groups – Personal mailing lists
  • Alumni Email Forwarding
  • Departmental Accounts
  • Firstname.lastname@emich.edu Mail Alias – Faculty and staff only
  • Mobile Device Settings and Access – Service is compatible with common mobile devices.
  • Mail Client Settings – Instructions available that include settings for connecting to the service from common tools.
  • IronPort eMail security – Anti-Spam and anti-virus filtering for e-mail.
Service Login: https://mail.emich.edu/
Documentation: http://www.emich.edu/it/services/email/
Pre-Requisite Services: None.

Similar or Related Services:

  • Static mailing lists
  • Dynamic mailing lists  
  • E-mail Security (IronPort)
Requisition and Approval Process:

EagleMail access is automatically provisioned when prospective students are marked as "admitted" and when employees are hired and their information is entered into the Banner System by Human Resources or Academic Human Resources.


Departmental Accounts may be requested by sending Email to the IT Help Desk that includes the relevant request details.


Firstname.lastname@emich.edu aliases may be requested by contacting the IT Help Desk.

Costs and Limitations: None. Neither departments nor individuals are charged for normal usage.
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