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Service Description

Service Name: EMU on iTunes U
Service Name Synonyms: iTunes U, EMU Podcasts

The free EMU on iTunes U website provides access to educational podcasts accessible through iTunes. Along with hundreds of other educational institutions, EMU faculty can share content either publicly or privately.


Content can also be uploaded to EMU's public site where it can be viewed worldwide. Faculty can upload lectures to a private album that is available only to students registered in their classes.


Faculty can also choose to have their students upload content they have created to the same private album.

Availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during scheduled maintenance

Public access site – Staff and faculty can create and deliver content publicly.


Private access site – Faculty and students in faculty-sponsored classes can privately share content.


Public access site – IT administration will up load content for staff, faculty and students.


Private access site – Students can only upload their content into a faculty sponsored album.


Video must be in .mp4 or Apple's .m4v format

Audio must be in .mp3 or Apple's AAC format

Support: Training support is provided by Senior Instructional Technologist, Diane Lawrence, 734.487.3995, or diane.lawrence@emich.edu. Contact Diane to arrange a one-to-one session for staff/faculty, or to work with a faculty and students in a classroom setting.
Features and Options:
  • access to EMU generated material
  • access to audio, video, and PDF files
  • accessible on Mac or PC
  • downloadable on mobile devices (iPods, iPod Touch, iPad, or MP3 players)
  • hosts public or private content
  • access to publicly available materials developed by faculty at other universities
Service Login:

Public site:

  1. Open iTunes installed on your computer (downloadable free at http://www.apple.com/itunes/)
  2. Click iTunes U located on the gray menu bar on the upper right
  3. Click Universities & Colleges located on the ITUNES U QUICK LINKS section on the upper right
  4. Click on Eastern Michigan University located in the letter 'E' section

Private site:


Login information is provided during training.


Additional information can be accessed at


Pre-Requisite Services: One-to-one training provided by Senior Instructional Technologist, Diane Lawrence (734.487.3995, or diane.lawrence@emich.edu).

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Requisition and Approval Process: No requisition or approval necessary.
Costs and Limitations: None. DoIT does not charge either departments or individuals for normal usage.
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