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Smart Board Training

Service Description

Service Name: SMART Board Training 
Service Name Synonyms: Interactive whiteboard
Description: DoIT provides hands-on training with the SMART Board functionality to enhance teaching. Training also includes using the tools provided in the SMART Board software.
Availability: M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Eligibility: Faculty and staff; Courses by faculty request.

Individual student training is not provided.


This training is applicable only to SMART Board brand interactive white boards.

Support: Training support is provided by Senior Instructional Technologist, Diane Lawrence, 487-3995, or diane.lawrence@emich.edu. Contact Diane to arrange a group or one-to-one session for faculty/staff, or to work with a class in a classroom setting.
Features and Options:
  • Transforms learning spaces into interactive and collaborative environment
  • Touch recognition capability allows you to write, erase, and move objects with a touch of your finger  
  • Interact with dynamic multimedia content like the internet or video
  • Write notes in digital ink with a finger or a pen
  • Capture work to SMART Notebook software where you can edit and distribute your files to students with ease
  • Make learning a visual, engaging experience for students, which helps deepen understanding and promote retention of course material
Service Login:  Not Applicable
Documentation: Additional information can be accessed at http://www.emich.edu/it/academic/teaching/smart_board_training.php.
Pre-Requisite Services:  None

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Requisition and Approval Process: Contact Diane Lawrence to schedule.
Costs and Limitations: None. DoIT does not charge either departments or individuals for normal usage.
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