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A virtual private network (VPN) provides authorized employees with secure remote internet access to the campus network and systems either from a wireless connection on campus or from a location off campus. AnyConnect is the software used at EMU for VPN access.

Instructions on how to download AnyConnect to access the campus system are available in the Documentation box to the right. Instructions to access NT Shares (also known as common or shared drives) are also available there. 


  • While using the VPN, a computer is a member of the EMU internal network and subject to all the security policies of an on-campus computer. Security policies are available for review at http://it.emich.edu/policy
  • EMU reserves the right to scan a computer while connected to the VPN if a connection in any way represents a threat to the security or function of the University.
  • The Division of Information Technology reserves the right to restrict VPN access to certain websites and web services in case of network load issues.
  • An on-campus computer cannot be controlled with VPN from a remote location. It does not include remote control software like PC-Anywhere or GotoMyPC.

For more information on AnyConnect VPN, contact the Help Desk at it.helpdesk@emich.edu or call 734. 487.2120.

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