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Wireless imageUsually connecting to wireless networks is convenient, but risky. Wireless networks use radio waves that can pass through walls allowing your network signal to go beyond the boundaries of the room where you are using your laptop or mobile device. Unsecured wireless internet traffic is readily available to anyone nearby who possesses the appropriate equipment allowing them to access information transmitted by your laptop or mobile device.

As a result, it is important for you to be aware of wireless security practices that allow you to protect the information transmitted by your computer or mobile device. Visit the Safe Computing section of the Division of Information Technology Security website for more information on security practices.

Two wireless networks are available at EMU: EMU-Wireless-Secure and EMU-Wireless. The following information will assist you in determining which of these networks to use.


The EMU-Wireless-Secure network is more secure than the EMU-Wireless network. Using any wireless network to conduct EMU business leaves University-owned data vulnerable to theft. For this reason, we recommend using the University's private wired network for all EMU business. When this is not possible, the EMU-Wireless-Secure network is the preferred wireless network to use.

In order to connect to the EMU-Wireless-Secure network, a software download, installation and setup is required for most devices. See the "Installers" section located to the right of this page for more information.


The EMU-Wireless network is available to faculty, staff, and students. It is less secure than the EMU-Wireless-Secure network; therefore if you are faculty or staff conducting EMU business, this network should only be used when you cannot connect to the University's private wired network or EMU-Wireless-Secure network.

Note: If you are faculty or staff conducting EMU business using the EMU-Wireless network, you are required to log in to the EMU Virtual Private Network (VPN). Visit the Virtual Private Network (VPN) page for more information.

Additional Information

Access to some EMU enterprise systems (e.g., INB Banner, Xtender, BOE, shared drives, or network printers) from any EMU-Wireless network requires you to log in to the EMU Virtual Private Network (VPN). Visit the Virtual Private Network (VPN) page for more information.

Contact the Help Desk for assistance when troubleshooting connectivity issues with University-owned computers. The EMU wireless networks may not work with all mobile devices. Assistance with personal devices is limited to verifying settings. For more information, contact the Help Desk at 734.487.2120 or email it.helpdesk@emich.edu.

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