Eastern Michigan University

Banner Functional Security Team

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Banner Functional Security Team is to guarantee that EMU employees have appropriate access to perform their jobs while protecting data as required by federal, state, and local laws. Additionally, the team evaluates the impact of technical security solutions being assessed by the Division of Information Technology.


Members of the team are:

  • Jennifer Tremewan - Financial Aid Module
  • Annette Rurka - Advancement Module
  • Sherry Winterson - Student Module
  • Bryan Howay - Data Base Analyst
  • Don Lund - Institutional Reporting
  • Rhonda Linderman - HR/Payroll Module
  • Maryann Shichtman - Admissions
  • Carol Huarng - Student Business Services
  • Julie Goble - Finance Module
  • Lynnette Rose - I.T. Chairperson
Division of Information Technology

118 Pray Harrold

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Phone: 734.487.3141

Fax: 734.481.9290