Eastern Michigan University

Create Account

To create an account, you will be asked to input a unique password that will be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. EMU recommends that passwords have a minimum length of 10 characters because longer passwords are harder to crack. Almost any 8-character password can be cracked with powerful computers in less than two hours and 10 characters in a matter of days, but a 12-character password could take years to break. To make passwords even stronger, they should include letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and misspelled words. Here are a few examples of strong yet easy to remember passwords:

  • H0rse%2rac1ng
  • mirtleB3ach
  • Makeund1fference
  • lake+9mich1gan
  • Live20the12dream
  • Travel18the81w0rld

DO NOT use the above listed passwords.

Students, faculty, and staff should follow these instructions to create a my.emich account.