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Zimbra Deletion

The following email has been seen on campus:


From: "Zimbra!Mail Team" <bankofcard@yahoo.com>

Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 9:39:17 AM

Subject: Zimbra! Email Deletion Confirmation






D ear subscriber,

 1. You requested your Email Account on June 12 , 2012 at 11:02 PM CS to be deactivated and deleted from a location in with this IP number;

2. Click on ( https://secure.zimbra.com/verifyf?intl=us&.partner = cancelrequest ) to cancel this request; else your email account will be deactivated and deleted within 24 hours

3. Do not share your password with anyone for your security purpose. Thank You for Being A Loyal Zimbra ! Mail User

We hope you enjoy the newest version of Zimbra! Mail.


Zimbra! Mail

The newest version of Zimbra! Mail is governed by these new Terms of Service , Communication Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .


Please do not reply to this message. This is a service email related to your use of Zimbra! Mail. To learn more about Zimbra!'s use of personal information, including the use of Web beacons in HTML-based email, please read our Privacy Policy . Zimbra! is located at 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 .


The link, if followed, leads to a page different from the URL. Users who fill in the requested information will have their my.emich account credentials transmitted to an unknown party.  I.T. recommends deleting the email; if you have already submitted the form, you will need to change your my.emich password immediately.  Please contact the Help Desk at 734.487.2120 for assistance.

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