Eastern Michigan University

Directory Information Updates

The information in the E.M.U. Online Directory as well as the "Corporate Directory" on the VoIP phone system is retrieved from Banner. The online directory is used to find contact information for members of the campus community.   

How to Update Your Own Directory Entry

Send an email to phonehelp@emich.edu and include the following information (or use the form below if you prefer):

  1. First name and last name
  2. EID (ex:  E00112233)
  3. Campus phone number
  4. Campus address

Department Updates for one or more Faculty/Staff Members

Complete, save, and email the spreadsheet form with all of the requested information to phonehelp@emich.edu.

Required Information Questions

  1. Who can request updates? Individuals may only request updates of their own directory entries.   Updates must be submitted from a individual's university email address. Departmental secretaries or Department Heads/Directors can request updates to directory data of multiple faculty/staff members within their departments.  
  2. Why is an E.I.D. required? Updates are made in Banner. The E.I.D. is used to ensure that we are updating the correct record(s).
  3. Why is the campus address included? The campus address is used to keep 911 location data up-to-date. The campus address must be accurate. Submission of inaccurate location data could result in delay in emergency services response and is a violation of E.M.U. policy.
  4. What happens to incomplete forms? Incomplete forms or emails without the required information detailed above will be returned.
  5. Departmental customer-service or other business processes require that faculty/staff directory entries list a departmental or other shared phone number.  How do I change the directory to accommodate this business process?  Department heads may use the "Phone # Displayed in Directory" column in the spreadsheet form to list a phone number in the online directory for an individual other than the assigned direct line. This is available to department heads to accommodate business process needs; only department heads or directors may use this column or enter a different directory number for an individual.
  6. How long do changes take? I.T. staff will process changes as soon as possible which is usually within five business days.  
  7. What if I have further questions? Send an email to phonehelp@emich.edu and we will be happy to address additional questions.
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