Eastern Michigan University

Sending an Email Message to a Class List

Using mailing lists you can now email a class list from EagleMail. Mailing lists allow you to send to multiple recipients using a single email address and are available for every course section containing an assigned instructor and/or registered students. These steps require you to reply to a confirmation email prior to your message being sent to the class list. List membership is updated every evening from Banner, the University's administrative system.

warning Warning: You must use your My.Emich email address (e.g., krobertso1@emich.edu or kathy.robertson@emich.edu) when sending to one of these mailing lists.

Follow these directions to send a message to a class list from EagleMail:

  1. From the Mail tab, click the New button in the toolbar.
    Composing/Sending a Message to a Contact Group
  2. The Compose page is displayed. Start typing the section's email address, section title, or Course Reference Number (CRN) in the To: field.

    Note: A section's email address (e.g., 11359.201110@emich.edu) consists of the CRN (e.g., 11359), the Banner term code (e.g., 201110) and the email domain (e.g., @emich.edu). If you are an instructor, see Printing a List of Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) by Term for more information on how to get a list of your assigned CRNs.
  3. A list of matching email addresses are displayed in the To: field. Click the section's email address.

    Note: CRN numbers are reused from year to year. It is possible to see email addresses with duplicate CRNs in the list. When this happens, use the term code to choose the correct email address for the current section you are working with. The section's title must be entered exactly as it is listed in the schedule book and online, including any word abbreviations, or you risk them not displaying in the list.
    Composing/Sending a Message to a Contact Group
  4. The selected email address is displayed in the To: field. Type a short description of the message content in the Subject: field.
  5. Type your message in the Body field.
  6. When you are finished, click the Send button.

    warning Warning: If you attempt to send an email to a section and are not the assigned instructor or a registered student for the section, you will receive a rejection email message indicating you cannot send to the section's email address.
    Composing/Sending a Message to a Contact Group
    warning Warning: After you click the Send button, the list server will first send a confirmation message to your inbox. You must check your inbox and reply to this confirmation before your message will be delivered to the list members. This step is necessary to prevent spoofing (i.e., to make sure the message really came from you, the sender). Instructions are listed below and are also included in the confirmation email.
  7. From your Inbox, click to select the email response message.
  8. Click the Reply button.
  9. A new message is displayed with an address in the To: field and the original message in the Body field. Click the Send button.
    Composing/Sending a Message to a Contact Group
    Note: After you click the Send button, you will receive a confirmation email message indicating that your message has been distributed to the list.