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Request a Mailing List

An email list lets you send a common message to everyone in a large group at the same time. An email list is what you need when your list exceeds the Eaglemail Group limit of 25 recipients per message. We use the Mailman email list system.

  • Discussion mailing list: This type of mailing list allows many people to discuss a common topic using email. Any member can post messages or reply to a posting. Every member can view all of the messages and replies. These lists can be cumbersome to manage.
  • Announcement-only mailing list: These lists are designed to send one-way messages to the members. The owner of the list (also called the administrator) determines who can be added to the list, by manual entry or by the member subscribing. The owner also determines who is allowed to send messages to the group. Group members can respond to a sender, but not the entire group.

You contact the IT Help Desk to request a mailing listThe following information is required to process the mailing list request:

  1. Your Name (you will be asked to provide your EMU user name)
  2. Your department or EMU organization
  3. Some possible names for the mailing list
  4. The name and email address of the person who will be the list admin (this may be you or someone you designate)
  5. A brief description of how the mailing list will be used (no more than two or three sentences are required)

The preferred method to submit mailing list requests containing the information above is to send an email to the Help Desk at it.helpdesk@emich.edu. Your request will be assigned to the appropriate IT personnel who will create the mailing list and may follow up with you to answer questions. The system will email you initial login information when the list has been created.

Note: Be advised per the EMU Acceptable Use Policy, EMU communication resources may not be used to send unsolicited bulk email - commonly referred to as "junk mail" or SPAM.

The Target Audience for Our Mailing List Documentation:

Any individual responsible for the administration of a Mailman mailing list at Eastern Michigan University.


Note: Individual and group consultation is available. Please send us an email message if you are interested in a mailing list training session for your area. Email us at it.helpdesk@emich.edu. The instructions in this training will work on Mac OS and PC-based Internet browsers.


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